The cover of Nick's book "Life and Longbows".

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What images pop into your head when you hear the word “longbow”? A swash-buckling Robin Hood and his Merry Men? Legolas, the elfish archer from The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Green Arrow, the crime-fighting, comic book bowman?

These were the images that often popped into Nick Viau’s head whenever he heard mention of the term. He’d been attracted to all things bow and arrow throughout his youth but wasn’t sure why. Then, at the age of 27, the stress of a busy work week thrust him deep into the pages of an archery-infused comic book, where he was introduced to Howard Hill, the famous longbow-wielding archer and hunter.

Through Hill, Nick discovered the longbow and was thrilled to find a community of present-day enthusiasts still shooting and hunting with it. Before long, he had one of his own and was looking to join them.

Life and Longbows isn’t your average hunting book. It is a memoir of self-discovery that watches Nick grow from a wide-eyed, adventure-seeking dreamer to a seasoned archer and bowhunter.

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The Kindle version of Life and Longbows is available here. Amazon does offer a package deal for both the print and Kindle, but you will NOT get a signed copy through Amazon.