Traditional Outdoors Podcast #107 -Despite 2020, Be Thankful!

It’s been a horrible year. We can all agree on that. Anything that could happen, short of a planet-ending meteorite, has happened. And there is still time for the meteorite.

Steve and I have had a rough go of it too. We left 2019 on a high note (or higher anyway) with big plans to raise the bar after hitting the 100 mark in 2020. Then the Coronavirus hit and everything changed and kept changing and none of it for the better. We have both had to adapt to major life changes, which have limited our time spent out-of-doors, on the show, and with close friends and family.

But that isn’t what this episode is about. We pulled it together and refused to let this wretched year sour us any further. We open up with the “not-so-great”, transition to the “could-be-worse”, share what we are thankful for, and end the show with a lengthy chat about…Wooly Buggers.

It ended up being a fantastic episode (in my humble and unbiased opinion). Many of our listeners have told me they enjoy the ones where Steve and I sit down to chat about random topics. I call these episodes “potpourri” because they consist of things that are not that interesting separately but form something special together.

This is one of those special episodes, and we hope you enjoy it.

On behalf of Traditional Outdoors, I’d like to thank you all for listening and wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings. Stay tuned for more content from Life and Longbows and Traditional Outdoors.