A Moment of Color


Its 2017 and everyone wants to be angry.

Society is in a strange place – reaction heavy – with little room for thought and reflection. The irony of all of this insanity is the answers to our issues are almost always in the middle, but wedged between two extremes and difficult to see. And even if they were visible, most would ignore them anyway.

Whether it be race, religion, politics, or something as simple as a point of view said in passing, the world is becoming black and white. The gray area has all but deteriorated.

It makes me think a lot. It makes me wonder. It makes me wish.

And if I could wish, I would ask for something that would unite us. Something that would make us see how short our lives are and how precious time is. And how wonderful would it be if these things were good enough.

They don’t seem to be.

The shameful part of all of it is how easy harmony can actually be. All you need is a catalyst. Something that whittles away the complexities of the human condition until the heart and soul are exposed and joy is allowed to breathe again.

Could the bow and arrow be that catalyst?

Possibly. Nothing is incorrect in the land of metaphoric hypotheticals. Allow me to explain, as I would love to live in such a reality.

I’ve seen the simple bow do wonderful things to people. I’ve seen it make them laugh in the face of loss. I’ve seen it bring emotion to the stoic. I’ve seen it give confidence when there was very little present. I’ve seen it give faith to those who have very little. I’ve seen it give direction to the lost.

There are no social requirements to the casting of an arrow. It doesn’t understand your race, religion, political alignment, economic backgrounds, or food preferences, nor does it care. The beauty of it is, when others are present in that casting and participating themselves, neither do they. They don’t care about anything but the flight of the arrows and how good it feels to watch them.

Now, the casting of an arrow is only a moment, but its a damn good one. So good we buy beautifully crested, colorful arrows by the dozen and purchase quivers to hold and display them. We want to shoot another. We need to see that arrow fly. We want to live in these moments as long as we possibly can and share them with anyone who will listen.

I think about these moments often. I wish I could bottle them and dedicate my life to giving them away.

If a wooden bow and a handful of arrows is beautiful and powerful enough to unify a diverse group of individuals (albeit small), why can’t the principle be applied elsewhere and to greater effect?

What will it take? What is the catalyst? What will fix us?

I wish I knew – at least beyond a hypothetical. I just hope we figure it out – and soon. Until then, I’m going to think about that arrow and suggest you all do the same. If anything, its a start.