Wolverine Sightline Boots

You can only make it as far as your feet will carry you and your footwear will determine the path you travel.

This exact line came to me while gingerly tiptoeing around a puddle of slush on my way to get an overpriced cup of French Roast in downtown Grand Rapids. It was early Spring and I didn’t want to get my brand new work shoes dirty or come back with wet socks. The fact I could’ve avoided the sidewalk altogether and trimmed ten minutes off the trip by cutting through a park was also a tough pill for me to swallow.

“Too muddy.” I thought, immediately ashamed.

Hunting season was over, but the smell of October was still lingering in my nostrils. My left hand remembered the wood of my favorite longbow and my head the warmth of my favorite wool hat. More importantly, my feet remembered the security of my boots and suddenly ached as if to scold me for not wearing them.

Wolverine Sightlines

The hunter in me feared no puddle and seldom took the easy path. While it seems far-fetched to claim that something as simple as a pair of boots can turn you into somebody else, that is exactly what happens. Similar to a football player strapping on a helmet, lacing up a pair of hunting boots flips a switch and changes your state of mind.

They prepare you for something. Something big.

My next big adventure was right around the corner and my current boots were in no shape to keep up with me for another hunting season. I was looking for something specific – a rugged, waterproof hunting boot I could wear on warm-weather hunts with a lot of hiking involved. They’d need to be lightweight and priced for lighter pockets as well.

I’ll admit I hadn’t considered Wolverine. They were a local company and I loved the product, but figured them well out of my price range until I stumbled on to a pair of Sightlines in the sporting goods section at Meijer. They seemed to be everything I was hoping for. Waterproof? Check. Insulated? Check. Lightweight? Yep. Durable? Obviously…they were Wolverines. Plus, the price was right at $125. I would have walked out with a pair that evening had they stocked them in a 14, but that is never the case in stores like these. The struggle is real for us yetis.

I discovered a Wolverine outlet near my home in Rockford (Michigan) and decided to try a pair that weekend. The profile and fit were perfect, they had great arch support, and they didn’t make my abnormally large feel like a pair of snowshoes.

They were just a solid boot from ankle to toe, there was no other way to describe them.

Wolverine boots and a Zwickey broadhead

I walked out a happy hunter and proceeded to abuse them for an entire season with little signs of wear and zero discomfort. They aren’t a winter boot by any means (you’ll need more than 200g of Thinsulate to make that claim), but they’ll get you well into late Fall and are perfect for stalking turkeys in the Spring.

If you’re looking for a boot with fantastic support that’ll break a stick or two without breaking the bank, give Wolverine Sightlines a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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