A Blessing in Disguise

Its April 5th and I should be thinking about turkey hunting…

I spent the morning pulling arrows out of a snowbank instead. The morale in Michigan doesn’t seem to be very high right now. The majority of us are wondering why we stay here at all. The answer is complicated for me. I like my seasons – all of them. I always have. I looked forward to winter as a kid and that hasn’t changed. I typically despise transition in all other aspects of my life, but I love it all when it comes to Mother Nature. As much as we complain, Michiganders are blessed with change. It is impossible to get bored here.

I’m not terribly excited about the lack of Spring thus far, and admit this winter has been unjustly lousy, but think the Summer will be all the sweeter because of it.

You’ve got to experience a little bit of Hell to fully appreciate Heaven.

2 thoughts on “A Blessing in Disguise

  1. The bow in this cover photo. Could you tell me more about it, such as the manufacture/model. It’s absolutely gorgeous, thanks, I appreciate your time.

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