Longbows + Binos = A Match Made in Heaven

To piggy-back on my last post (pun intended) I wanted to spend a little bit of time discussing optics.

A few years ago binoculars were little more than a novelty to me, spending more time in the bowels of my pack than in my hand. I was of the opinion a novice whitetail hunter like had little use for them. I could only shoot effectively at 20 yards, what was the point of seeing beyond that? The amount I didn’t know then still embarrasses me. Animals have the upper hand on us in almost every category when in their natural element. They are survivalists who use their senses every day. We are amateurs by comparison and are only visiting. A weekend in the woods doesn’t equate to a lifetime of tension and urgency. If you want to see an animal before it sees or smells you, optics are absolutely necessary to stalk within traditional bow range.

My noobish attitude aside, the quality of my binoculars was lackluster to say the least. I bought the cheapest pair I could fine, which (as any seasoned optics user will tell you), is not the correct approach. I spent the next couple seasons finding out the hard way that cheap binos meant cheap performance: they fogged; they smeared; they rattled; they SUCKED. Truth-be-told, even at optimum performance my $30 specials were anything but optimum or special.

Thankfully, I made a friend on Twitter who introduced me to Hawke Optics. Upon contacting them they encouraged me to check out their Endurance models, which ended up being EXACTLY what I was looking for. I’ve used them ever since and they’ve been absolutely fantastic for me. They offer pristine vision, a comfortable fit in the hand, and durability. They are also the perfect size and power for a guy that likes to travel light (you can’t even see them in my hand when in use) and likes to get in close.

I still-hunt often and use them on turkey, deer, and recently on hogs. I wish the latter had actually meandered out in front of them, but I’m sure one will someday. I can guarantee I’ll still have them. They are rock solid.


If you are not a believer in binoculars, I highly suggest you reconsider your stance, and encourage you to check out Hawke if you do. They are fantastic folks who will make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Give them a call, even if you aren’t ready to buy. You’ll be happy you did.

Tell them Nick from Life and Longbows sent you! 😉

Read about my first experience with my Endurance binos here and let me know if you have any questions or bino experiences of your own!

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