The Archer’s Crown

David Lohnes taking aim with his favorite stickbow hat (photo courtesy of David)

David Lohnes taking aim with his favorite hat (photo courtesy of David)

The Archer’s Crown
By Nick Viau

The archer’s crown on heads appear;
Be them brown, black, green, or gray.

To remind us of an age bygone;
The Fedora, the Kromer, the beret.

Afield we step, our bows in tow;
Bands stretched with brims atilt.

To concede to string with courtesy;
As arrow crosses hilt.

No sun, nor rain, nor snow invade;
Though its creases swell with age.

The weathered brow beneath is calm;
His focus still unchanged.

Stickbow shooters share a deep appreciation for the traditional brimmed hat. The older the better, as it would seem. Why do you think this is? How has headgear once donned by previous generations of American sportsmen suddenly rekindled in popularity amongst traditional archers?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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6 Responses to The Archer’s Crown

  1. Phil Conner says:

    I’m a Kromer guy,it just seems natural.

  2. Dyrewulf says:

    Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    My ‘crown’ used to be the narrow, folded-brim hats that were sold to hunters in the late 1970’s, until I hit a growth spurt around 17 years old and it didn’t fit anymore. Something along the lines of this hat but in an older camo pattern.

  3. Smithhammer says:

    The brimmed hat existed for so many generations for good reason. Though it has fallen out of fashion, and replaced by the baseball cap (a weak substitute), the reasons why people found brimmed hats so useful have no changed.

  4. Noel Young says:

    I were the same type of hat. Mine is green and about 16 years old. Love the pome and the site. Keep up the good work.

  5. eric will says:

    I prefer a fedora much like the one in the picture,except that mine is stained and snagged and sagging. It’s of the crushable type so it withstands the abuse I put it through. I prefer these hats to the ones the camo clad army wears, it associates me with the archery fathers as opposed to most of todays hunting “professionals”. Don’t get me wrong, I have archery friends who wear hats of different styles, ball caps frontward, backward, sideways, sock hats, and berets. Nothing against any other hats, I just like what I like.

  6. I just cannot help but think of Fred Bear when I think of brimmed hats and traditional archery. Fred in his hat is in my opinion the iconic image that epitomizes traditional archery!

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