Stick and String Volume 4

The Fall 2012 issue of Stick and String magazine is available and I am proud to have contributed to it. This is truly a special issue for me, as my article “A Leap of Faith” documents the first time I shot a bow of my own making at a 3D course. I put a lot of time into that bow. More than I care to admit. A more experienced man would have finished it in a weekend, but I am not there yet and won’t be for some time.

You need to build selfbows to get good at building selfbows. Corner cutters need not make an attempt, as seeking shortcuts is contrary to the point. The beauty of bow making lies in the enjoyment of the process. If it were result driven, I would have already quit, having broken two since writing this article.

Failure is important, even if it leaves you with a floor full of shavings, aching hands, and an irritated spouse. You have to understand this before accepting the challenge. You will break bows. Write that down and except it before even bothering to pick up a rasp. We all break them, even the bowyer elite. Invaluable lessons can be carved from the remnants of failure if a positive perspective is maintained.

You WILL indeed break bows, but you will also MAKE bows. Remembering that will keep an aspiring bowyer going. I’m still plugging away after all. In fact,  I just put the finishing touches on this one, and fully intend on hunting with it yet this season.

I’ll be writing a post about it in the near future. Stay tuned!

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